Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Over the last two weeks our small communities have engaged in a number of activities and liturgies that have helped strengthen our bonds with one another.
Altar of Remembrance for Mrs. Opal

The last Saturday in March, we had a memorial Mass for Mrs. Opal Taylor, whose daughter-in-law is a member of our church.  Many of Maria's friends from neighboring parishes came to support the family.  A wonderful Philipino style meal followed and was enjoyed by everyone.  Our prayers remain with Brian and Maria during their time of grief.
Enjoying the food

First Place display board
At. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission on that same weekend, our boy and girl scout troops participated in the annual Boy and Girl Scout picnic with Bishop Stika.  For a new mission, we did very well.  The troop took second for their cupcakes and first place for their display board.  They also had a chance to meet the Bishop and interact with him.  We are proud of them and their leaders.

Anyone have the answer?
Finally, March 31 was our first youth retreat.  Our theme was "The Way, the Truth and the Life or La Via, la Verdad, y La Vida".  Two gentlemen from Lenior City, TN came to provide a meal and share their faith.  One of them was a NFL legend who played from 1960 - 61 for the Washington Redskins.  The kids enjoyed listening to his stories.  Most importantly through activities and skits the twelve young people who attended bonded more deeply with each other and with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Listening hard
Forming a new community is about becoming a family of faith.  This happens by a long range of events and prayer experiences.  Yet, in all of this the Holy Spirit is what unites us and binds us.  May we continue to grow as a family of faith bonded to one another and Jesus Christ.

Blessed John Paul II 1st Youth Retreat

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