Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holy Week Reflections

The Third Week of Easter has come and gone, yet I still wish to share the good news of our First Holy Week. 

Our Holy Week at Blessed John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was awesome.  God is awesome, so that most likely is why.
Blessing of Palms at JP II

Many people came out at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission in Maynardville, TN on Palm Sunday.  Through it was drizzingly,   our procession around our store front church for Blessed John Paul II and Pizza Plus was a wonderful moment.  It is a simply, but clear statement that we are here and proud to be Catholic.
Procession for Palm Sunday

Holy Thursday was celebrated in both churches in a very humble way.  The footwashing during Mass and adoration after Mass were highlights in both places for me.  This simply way to serve the people of these new missions and affirm Christ's love for them was moving.
Holy Thursday Altar of Repose before the Mass

Good Friday and Holy Saturdy in Maynardville was celebrated by Fr. Neil Pezzulo, the First Vice-President of Glenmary.  I was most grateful for his assitance.

Fr. Neil
In Rutledge, the living way of the Cross at the trailor park drew 125 or more followers to remember the suffering and love Christ has shown us. The actors did a great job in helping us meditate of the tremondous cost of our salvation.  Later in the day, the service in the church was celebrated.

The highlight for me, however, was recieving Sara into the Church as our first convert at Blessed John Paul II Catholic Mission.  Both language groups were present at the Mass and for the party that followed.  However beautiful to witness the transformation of Christ through the sacraments in the eyes of a person recieving the Body and Blood for the first time.

Confirmation of Sara
Our New Catholic
Of course, Easter Sunday filled the church at both Masses at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.  The joy of knowing Jesus is beautiful.

For many parishioners, this was the first time they celebrated all three days of the Tridium.  Yet, the best testimony came from a craddle Catholic who is now 80 years old.  She said, "This was the most profound experience of Holy Week ever in my life.  I do not care if we ever have a church building.  Jesus lived a simply life and the simplicity of our church is more like Jesus."

What more can I say?  Sorry for the delay in updating my faithful friends and readers.  I will aim to update you more often as we continue to celebrate this Easter Season.

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