Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Presidential Visit and another Open House

Fr. Chet visiting two parishioners at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
The President visited us a couple weeks ago.  No, it was not the  President of the United States, but the  President of the Glenmary Home Missioners.  Fr. Chet Artysiewicz was elected in June and was responsible for assigning myself and the two brothers to these developing missions.  It was a delight to have him here.  His words were encouraging to us and the parishioners.  One of the things he emphazed is" that almost any Catholic someday or another will be asked to contribute to a building fund, but it is a rare priviledge when the Lord asks a Catholic to be part of building a new faith community where one was not present before."

Fr. Chet playing to organ at Blessed John Paul II
Besides his affirmation of our missionary effort, he shared his gift of priesthood and music with the people.  During the Spanish Mass in Maynardville, which does not have a musican, he played the piano and lead the singing.  In Rutledge at the Spanish Mass at Blessed John Paul II he presided and played the organ.  After both the english and spanish Mass at Blessed John Paul II, Fr. Chet put on the accordian and entertained us all.

Edith J. and Helen R. preparing for the Open House
After all this fun and enjoyment, last Sunday, we finally were able to have our open house for Blessed John Paul II.  It has taken a longer time to get the building looking like a church.  Yet, we finally made it.  The folks put on a great spread of food and over fifty folks came to visit.  Among the our visitors included, two Methodist ministers, one Baptist minister, and one Quaker minister.  Many of the people who stopped by were neighbors, friends and family of our English Speaking Parishioners.  The atmosphere was joyful and the  pride of our parishioners to "show off" their church with people they value was delightful.

Pastor Ryan of Rutledge Methodist Church with another quest
In an area where Catholics are unkown and a huge minority, to recieve such a welcoming reception was affirming.  It is very exciting to have the support of the Methodist and Baptist churches.  Something new in terms of unity, in terms of service, and in terms of Christian fellowship seems about to bloom.  The  affirmation of Glenmary's President is significant, yet, the affirmation of local citizens and ministers in Grainger county is even more important.  May all of this love, especially the Love of Jesus,  help us praise God and proclaim His Kingdom of Love, Mercy and Justice to all of Grainger County, TN.
Donna B. and Tom C. who designed the santuary
Tom D., Br. Joe and visitor

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