Friday, March 9, 2012

O' Brother, Where Art Thou

Br. Craig during Morning Prayer
 Though this is a title of a popular movie staring George Clooney, it also is a good title to describe the outreach ministry of Br. Craig Digmann.  Br. Craig made his final oath last May, but he works like a veteran missioner.   Since he is about visiting and touching the lives of many over a two county area, I am often wondering "Where Art Thou, O Brother?"

Competing at the fall Hay Bail Throwing Contest
In the last two months, Br. Craig has visited over 50 households, many who are Catholics living in the area but not worshipping at one of our two missions.  We also frequently stops in unannounced to any of our parishioners.

Br. Craig is also well known by a number of business where he has the talent to linger and chat with just about anyone.  He is a gentle presence of affirmation wherever he goes. 

Posing with folks at Blessed Teresa
It amazes me of all the different activities he has become engaged in.  Currently he visits two nursing homes and three Senior Citizen Centers.  He is a bingo caller at some of these. As he wanders the halls he stops and speaks with both residents and workers offering them encouragement and hope.  He frequently prays with those residents who desire it.  In Grainger County he leads a bible study once or twice a month.

Br. Craig is also a greeter at the High School every Monday morning.  This is a program sponsored by both I-Care (a group aimed at preventing drug abuse) and a government agency concerned with the prevention of domestic violence.  He is also helping an adult improve his reading level so this man may read the King James Bible.
Visiting with a fellow minister
Other activities that Br. Craig is involved in includes helping distribute commodities in both counties, praying and worshipping in various other christian churches, and teaching confirmation classes in Rutledge.  We also rotates with me bringing the Eucharist to our homebound.

All of this, does not begin to reflect the depth of Br. Craig's ministry in Grainger and Union County.  He is known as a gentle presence and has become a friend or better "a brother" to many.

Br. Craig is on the road most of the time, so I really do not know where he is any given hour.  Yet, I know he about the business of the Lord in Union and Grainger County, TN.  His gentle presence, humble service and sensitive care to all reflects his deep faith and the man of prayer that he is.  We are blessed to have him on the missionary team.

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