Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary Brunch BTC
This weekend both Blessed John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta celebrated our second anniversary.   For Blessed John Paul II the weekend following all Saints day November 2011 was our first Sunday Mass in our current location and for Blessed Teresa of Calcutta it was November 1, 2011.

2nd Anniversary Brunch BTC
A lot has happened in this short time.   Over the next few weeks, I hope to reflect on these changes in greater detail.   Here, however, are a few facts.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta began with 26 people for Mass under my carport.   Now we have two Masses every Sunday; one in English and one in Spanish with 95 registered households.   Blessed Teresa of Calcutta has expanded twice our current location.   We now have an office for Fr. Aaron which also serves as an extra classroom and counseling space.   In the eyes of our landlord we are renting seven storage units (three which we have personal converted into a sanctuary, kitchen, and classroom.   We are also in the process of purchasing land for our future buildings.

Heritage Festival Fund Raiser

We have had many social activities, fund raisers, and a strong faith formation program.  Besides the four Glenmarains serving here, we usually have a student and four wonderful office volunteers during the week.   We have been organizing our internal structures and now have a Mission Advisorary Team, Mission Resource Team,  a social committee, a  prayer committee and  Evangelization Committee.

Fried Food for Building Fund
Br. Joe is busy with home repair ministry and serving with the Narrow Ridge Community.  Br. Craig is involved with many Senior Citizens organizations, a Greeter at School and more.   Fr. Aaron works with your faith formation, RCIA, and youth. Our church help support two food pantries in Union County.  We are also involved with I-Care, a drug prevention program.

We will be sponsoring our third Thanksgiving service and hosting it here at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta this November.  These are but a few signs of the Holy Spirit working here.

JP II 2nd Anniversary Dinner
Blessed John Paul II moves at a different pace than Blessed Teresa.   Yet, many good things are happening there as well.   We have grown from 11 English speakers at our first English Mass to over 30 and sometimes over 40 with a registration of  92 households. Our Spanish speaking community continues to celebrate new life with a baptism almost every weekend since September with a slow down finally in December.  Also we have celebrated two Quinceaneas (15th year old birthday parties for girls) and have wedding happening at the end of the month.

The Glenmary Volunteer Program has moved into the property on Joppa Mountain and this year sponsored a successful summer program.   Rutledge Methodist and Rutledge Baptist and their pastors continue to be great friends of ours.   The joint food pantry, sponsored by the three churches is now fully stocked and we will be giving out turkeys for some families for Thanksgiving.  We are planning a joint revival in the Spring and continue to search for ways for our communities to be supportive of each other.
Just before Baptism - JP II
First Communion-- JP II
Quinceanera JP II

Blessed John Paul II is also planning to purchase land with a closing before the end of the year.

Hopefully these few tidbits let you know that the Holy Spirt is moving here.  Come on back to this blog for more reflections on our second anniversary next year. 
Vocation Prospect with Br. Craig

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