Monday, September 30, 2013

Time zooms

Over the last three weeks I planned three different blogs, none of them completed because time zooms in the mission.   I wake up and it is the 1st of September and go to bed and it is the first of October.  It amazes me ... thus, I think a life of infinity in heaven with God will be anything but boring.   Time passes this fast now, how joyfully will it be to sit in heaven drinking ice tea with our Lord, His mother Mary and the saints.
Heaven or North Carolina Beach?

Novice William and Senior Member Fr. Pete
Priest Assembly
In this zooming time meetings swarmed my reality for awhile.  In one week I had a meeting every day and only one was in the parish boundaries.  In a missioners life, meetings are a huge part of one's obligations.   As a member of Glenmary and a priest serving in the diocese of Knoxville, I have monthly meetings with my brother Glenmarians, and almost monthly meetings with the fraternity of fellow priests.  Besides these meetings, there are council meetings, financial meetings, food pantry meetings, ICare meetings and so forth and so forth.   Yet, these too, are a part of doing God's will.

We had a huge event in September with over 80 people from both of these missions attending the Eucharistic Congress.  This event was in celebration of the Diocese of Knoxville's 25th anniversary and we were among 5,000 people.   Our people were renewed in their faith and were able to meet many national speakers including Cardinal Dolan of New York.
Early Morning Bus Ride to the Eucharistic Congress

Yet, what gives me the greatest joy is the interaction with the members of Blessed John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta whether we are praying for immigration reform, celebrating first communion or welcoming friends from Iowa.   These regular interactions filled with the Holy Spirit is why time zooms.  The Spirit of the Lord flows in these faithful followers of Jesus.  Spending time with them fills my time with joy and a day is gone before I know it.  Praise the Lord for His love and mercy!!
Mis Amigas of BTC
First Communion at JP II
After Mass Wisdom -- Nortre Dame lost and Alabama won
Iowa Visitors, thanks for your support!

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