Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kenya Interlude

Praising God with the girls at St. Albert the Great Catholic School
I have dedicated this blog to the development of our Catholic Missionary efforts in Grainger and Union County, TN, but I wish to take a small Kenya interlude.  I had the  priviledge to travel with Fr. Crispine Adongo to his village for his Masses of Thanksgiving.  Accompanying me were Br. Craig and Br. David Henley, our vocation director.
Br. Craig, Br. David and Godfrey's sister

This was a real priviledge since prior to being here, I served as the vocation director for Glenmary.  Thus, I was part of the journey for Fr. Crispine to come to the U.S.A. to serve as a priest in the United States.  Completing this phase of his "safri" (which means journey) by sharing his joy with his hometown and family was truly special.

Fr. Crispine surrounded by his fans
The village, Ulanda,  is small and rural, but it has a Catholic High School for girls of 1,000 students, thus making it close to the size of Maynardville, which is about 1,700 people.  These girls were bright, animated and curious.  I was able to share a Mass with them and be a part of their Saturday afternoon youth group.
Openning Procession for Sunday Mass of Thanksgiving

Br. Craig, Fr. Cris and myself with family and friends
Sunday was the parish Mass of Thanksgiving with started around 11 and ended somewhere close to 3 p.m.  This did include the program following Mass.  The sense of joy and praise was very evident.  On Tuesday we went to the home of Fr. Crispine for a Mass.  Many people walked several kilometers to attend.  During the after Mass program, gifts were presented to Fr. Crispine.  They included a bull cafe and several sheep and a chicken.. 
Gifts for Fr. Crispine

In between these two Masses we had a tour of the local sugar factory, which produces 80 % of its own power by converting the by-product of the sugar cane for fuel.  Also we ended our time at Naribo game park where we had a nice time viewing the animals including seeing the LIONS.
Br. Craig, Br. David and myself ready to tour the Sugar Cane Factory
Now that my small interlude is over, it is back to the basics of missionary life.  This week will include several baptisms and next week begins our first Bible School in Grainger County.  Assanti sana (Thank you very much!!)

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