Friday, July 13, 2012

First Catholic Bible School of Grainger County

The group from St. Clair with Glenmarians

"Rise and Shine and Give God your Glory, Glory" has been my morning song for the last five days.  It worked too well, because we really had to get our children "out of the muddy, muddy" after four days of rain.
Song time

Arts and Crafts
We are very grateful to our friends from St. Claire Catholic Church, Cincinnati, Ohio who came to help us.  This was a different type of Bible School, but worked out very well.  We set up a tent owned by a parishioner in his backyard in the center of Central Point Trailer Park in Grainger County.  Each morning we shared songs, a Bible Story, recreation, and arts and crafts.  The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) supplied a free lunch each day and parishioners from Blessed John Paul II Catholic Mission provided snacks.  A special thanks to Wright and Cox IGA of Rutledge which also donated food for the morning snacks.

Game time
With four days of rain it was a special challenge, but with the energy of the volunteers and the help of Clive Otieno, a Glenmary Seminarian, Br. Craig, and others it worked out.  I believe the kids had a great time, bonded more as a community, and learned a little more about the love of Jesus.

Arts and Crafts
 The next two weeks the Tennessee Glenmary Volunteer program will continue to work at the trailer park leading our first Summer Fiesta:  a morning of education and fun.  Hopefully, this too will add to a great summer for kids who normally spend all day in their trailers waiting for their parents to come home from the tomato fields.

Clive sharing the Bible Story of the day
In the midst of this Bible School there were a few other events have happened since my return from Kenya.  We held our first ever Mission Advisory Team meetings for both communities.  This is like a parish council and it is another step in developing a Catholic faith community.

First Advisory Team of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
 Also we had a small miracle (or maybe a large miracle).

One of our parishioners went into pre-labor at only 6 months of pregnancy.  Late in the evening Br. Craig and I drove to the hospital.  We anointed the mother and the small child inside the womb.  Two nights ago Br. Joe and I returned to the hospital to bless Riley, our 1 pound and six ounces, 13 inches long miracle.  It is truly awe inspiring to see such a small child doing so well.  How can anyone imagine that abortion can be justified?  God loves life and every life is precious.

Now tonight it off to some local entertainment,  that is the Rodeo!!!

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  1. That's fabulous. Having grown up in Union County, I am astounded that there is a Catholic mission in Union and Grainger County. Keep up the good work.