Monday, August 18, 2014


My brother Tim and Patty at lookout point in Grainger County.
Hospitality is one of the hallmarks of a Christian.  Going all the way back to Abraham when he hosted angels. (Gen 18:1 -15).  Jesus also tells the seventy-two, "Into whatever house you enter, first say, "peace to this household."  If a peaceful person lives there, your peace with rest on him;" (Luke 10:5).

We frequently have visitors here and are happy to receive them.  This last month we have had visitors from Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Carroll, Iowa, Blessed Trinity Cluster of Eastern Iowa, Glenmary first year students as well as family members of Br. Craig and friends of mine from Minnesota.   Each visitor brings something special.
Irv and Joyce from Holy Spirit delivering back to school supplies

Our adopt a mission parish from Holy Spirit drove school supplies for our back to school give a way.  We also received material from Blessed Trinity Cluster and the Youth Group of St. John Neumann of Knoxville.  The two members of the parish made a special trip to deliver these goods and close to hundred children were assisted.

Waiting for dinner
Blessed Trinity Cluster with their pastor Fr. Joe came and joined a high school group from Iowa staying at "Toppa Joppa" volunteer  house. They freshened up the inside of our church at St. John Paul II with new paint and did many other tasks as well.
Blessed Trinity Cluster and Solis High School, Iowa

Both of these Iowa parishes have an adopted mission relationship with St. John Paul II in Rutledge.  In September 5th we will receive visitors from St. Malachy in Geneseo, IL who have adopted Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission in Maynardville.

Another group of visitors were our first year Glenmary students and their director.  This is an impressive group from the U.S., Mexico and Kenya.  They brought a sense of joy, community and optimism.  We wish them well and hope more men will follow them to the joy of Glenmary missionary life.
Glenmary first year students with Br. Craig

Other visitors were members of Br. Craig's family and friends of mine from Minnesota.  Their son, Zach, is my godson.  There is a special joy to share our Glenmary family with family and friends who have known us before joining Glenmary.  It is like sharing your first born with your in-laws.    Also, their is great pleasure in sharing the life of these missions and people of these missions with other.  It is a demonstration of the Holy Spirit flaming love to all.
Minnesota friends ... they loved my chickens!!

We are grateful to provide hospitality in the spirit of Jesus Christ.  We look forward to future visitors.

A final note:  August 12 marked three years of the arrival of Br. Craig and myself.  Br. Joe joined us more than a month later.  Hopefully, the next series of blogs will reflect on the three years of mission here in light of what Glenmary Home Missioners refers to as the five categories of mission.

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