Friday, May 2, 2014

He is Risen

Happy Easter!!
I know Easter is almost three weeks past, yet, I am still celebrating the blessings of Holy Week and what has followed.   I really tried to make a slide show of all the beautiful pictures of that special week but was unable to figure it out with my limited computer skills.   Therefore, my faithful reader, you will just have to savor the few that I will post.
Fr. Aaron on Palm Sunday at BTC

During Lent we prepared for Easter with the Way of the Cross which included praying this on two pieces of land that will host our future church buildings.  On Good Friday this was done as a living way of the Cross.
Way of the Cross on the land in Rutledge
Practice and Prayer of Way of the Cross in Rutledge
Good Friday Way of the Cross at Central Point
Jesus falls the first time
   Prior to this was Holy Thursday which reminds us of the great gift of Jesus in His Body and Blood.   The washing of the feet and then the adoration of the Eucharist are deeply moving moments.   When we take communion, the Body of Christ, we become that body of Christ.   Therefore we are to serve Him and His Kingdom.  This is worth time spent in adoration and reflection before the Real Presence of Christ reserved in the tabernacle.
Adoration Altar for Holy Thursday at JP II
Holy Thursday Adoration at BTC

The Easter Vigil was tremendous.   I celebrated at St. John Paul II (formally known as Blessed) where Forest became Catholic, two more adults received confirmation, and four children where baptized, three which became full members.  Fr. Aaron celebrated the Vigil at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta where over 14 people received sacraments, this included infant baptisms, adult baptisms, and conversions to the Catholic Faith.   We were really blessed by many acts of faith.
The Easter Light
Waiting for Baptism

These two were confirmed
The Blessing of the Easter Water
Forest is Confirmed and becomes Catholic

Now Easter Continues with new life and new blessings.   The Month of May will be one of many celebrations and many new developments.   Hopefully, you will not need to wait a full month to discover them.  

This family were baptized, confirmed and three received their first communion
Thanks for your patience with the tardiness of this blog and may these photos remind you of a precious week passed.

Volunteers teaching folks how to make rosaries
Volunteers help the week after Easter

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