Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Growth Continues

Confirmation of Nancy
We are blessed with continued growth, both in membership and in spirit.

Nancy, Jerry and their grandson
On the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, we received another new adult member into the Church.  At a casual social gathering, one of our current members asked Nancy if she would like to be Catholic since she was often attending with her husband.   Her response was kind of like, "Could I?".   That invite lead to her being confirmed and making her first communion on June 2.   Another bonus of this day was the renewal of her marriage vows as it was the day of her 25th Wedding Anniversary.

The weekend before we celebrated a
Vow Renewal
 anniversary at Blessed John Paul II,
Pilipino style.  This included at the reception with a little bit of the traditional bamboo dance.

Along with these celebrations, infant baptisms remain common and a great joy.   Last week for father's day another child was baptized whose mother, however, is not yet baptized.   This is one of the early steps towards her journey in the faith being lead by her husband's faith.

Another new member
Some of the spiritual growth is happening through some of our social programs.   This included our participation at "Art on Main".  Here a number of our folks sold their art and crafts.  Since many of our parishioners stopped by to visit us, we won for the second year in the row, "Fan Favorite Booth".  
Our Master Crafters and Artists

Also we had our first summer social ... Pot Luck and Bingo.   No money is exchanged.  Prizes are donated and everyone just comes together to eat and enjoy.   It was a fun time bringing all ages and languages together.  Unlike other aspects of life, everyone went home a winner!!!
Pot Luck before Bingo Luck

Finally, I ask my dear readers, to pray for our Seniors as they venture out into the next stage of their lives.  We are proud of each of them.
Spanish Speaking Seniors, JP II
UT Bound
Catholic High Graduate

Washburn and Maynardville Seniors

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