Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mother Teresa, Blessed John Paul II and Retreat

Lake Junalaski, NC
Starting last weekend, we had an inspiring display on Mother Teresa, celebrated the our patron Pope John Paul II and then I left for retreat. In others words, I have been inspired from every direction.
Display about Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Saturday and Sunday of October 20 and 21, we received, and opened to the public, a traveling display on the life, spirituality and message of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Through we had a small response from the boarder community, those who attended benefited from the experience. Also, any petitions written will eventually be placed on Blessed Teresa's tomb. This gave all of us a chance to understand more deeply the life of our patroness and reflect on how we may better honor her in our daily works.

Feast of Blessed John Paul II
The feast of Blessed John Paul II was October 22.  On Saturday, two of our parishioners with polish heritage prepared special food for everyone after Mass.  On Sunday, we had a special potluck with everyone to celebrate our Patron.  There is always a beautiful spirit when people from both Masses are together for an event.  We continue to get to know each other and food does not need a language.

A full church with full stomachs
After this very blessed event, I was on retreat for four days with the priest of the diocese of Knoxville.  We stayed at Lake Junalaski outside of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  It was truly a beautiful and serene experience.  Our retreat Master mentioned on the first evening that our demons like to travel too, but we should just send to another room for the week.  I like that image.  It was easy to avoid the demons when walking amidst such beauty.  The color of the leaves, the serenity of the water, or the movement of the fowl, all gave me a sense of God's grander of love and mercy.  Believe you, me, ... I am deeply grateful that God is more merciful than just and loves us just as we are this moment!!
Reflecting the Grander of God

So today, I feel renewed, blessed and loved.  What more could I ask for!!  God is good ... All the time.  All the time ... God is good.

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