Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scouts Honor

Our Scouts at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
For the last few weeks it has been salvation through meetings.  Some might use a different phrase for that.  In January I participated in an electronic conference, a deanery pastoral conference, three days of priest study days and last weekend, the Glenmary District Days.  So as much as meetings are helpful and the experience with other priests, brothers and religious is inspiring, it still is good to be back to the routine of mission life with the local communities.

It would not be Scout Sunday without food
February 12 will mark six months since our arrival here in Union and Grainger Counties.  In some ways, so much has happened and in other ways, we are not even started.  That is a strange feeling, but very true.

At Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission we have the worship space and office space in good shape.  I have three fantastic volunteers helping out in the administration of the parish.  We now have a Mass in English and a Mass in Spanish.  We have faith formation for k through adult, including Adult studies in both languages.  We even celebrated our first Scout Sunday on the 5th of Febuary.  So we are up and running.  Yet, we still do not have a formal list of membership, we are still trying to get to learn each others names and we still need to do significant reflection on what it means to be disciples of Christ in Union County.  These early steps have been great, but they are just a small beginning of what is to come.

Head Scout, Kim with Br. Craig
At Blessed John Paul II Catholic Mission in Grainger County we got started later.  Yet, this community is already larger than Blessed Teresa in Maynardville.  Our English community is small, but the Latino community is growing rapidly.  Whereas we average about 20 for English Mass we are averaging close to 80 for the Spanish Mass, even through we only have 70 chairs.  Yet, we still do not have the building completed in terms of redesigning it for worship and have yet to hold our open house.  Despite, that new people are finding us and our presence is becoming visible.  Furthermore, our building will host commodity distribution next week.  Commodities is government food for those of low income.  Last time Grainger County gave out 480 baskets.  They had to relocate and thus, we are, for now, the new distribution center.  Good things are happening, but we are not even started.

Every meeting with Glenmarians and the diocese is helpful and gives me both support and important information.  Yet,  the routine of daily life in the mission is where the joy is.  In six months, we really are just getting started!!  Praise God for all the graces received and all the graces to come.

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  1. So, how's the new distribution center? It's pretty hectic once things start to grow, especially when it comes to the aspect of distribution and logistics. Still, a steady hand in organization helps in keeping up with the pace.

    --Saturnino Walmsley