Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buildings ...

Searching for worship space among the beauty of God's creation
One of the first questions people ask me when I introduce myself and tell them why I am here is, "Where is your church?"  It has surprised me how important a physical location for worship and outreach is.  So for the last several weeks, our focus has been on trying to find a building for worship.

In Maynardville, TN we formed a property mission team.  We are not forming committees because they do not speak of the Holy Spirit.  We are all on mission and every structure of our community is sharing in this mission.  Therefore, we are forming mission teams with various focuses.  Anyway, this team has looked at several locations that might house a Catholic faith community.  Unfortunately, because of the poor economy, there have been many buildings to investigate.  Yet, they narrowed it down to two and will be making a recommendation tonight for one of the sites. 

The Carport Masses
On Wednesday, Br. Joe, Br. Craig and I attended the Wednesday morning men's prayer meeting at the Revival Vision Church of God.  Here they joined us in praying that God would help us find the right location.  They themselves are building a new sanctuary.  This gives me a lot of hope.  They have been in the county about nine years and are currently building a sanctuary to seat 280.

 Also, during the month of October, Millers Methodist Church has agreed to allow us to begin Sunday worship in their sanctuary.  We will have Mass beginning October 2, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.  We hope in sharing their building to build a strong relationship for fellowship and outreach with them.  These are all encouraging signs of the Holy Spirit working here in Union and North Grainger.
People after Mass getting ready to enjoy fellowship
In Rutledge buildings are also part of our focus.  Yet, the ecumenical spirit is not as evident.  Br. Craig and I went out one Saturday to introduce ourselves to the Spanish speaking people in one of the trailer parks where many live.  Knocking on doors at the same time was a team of Jehovah Witnesses.  Apparently they have been visiting for some time.  Their church is in the neighboring county and they have hired a bilingual man from Florida just to do outreach to the Spanish speaking people.  I did introduce myself to him and we had a very pleasant visit. 

Br. Joe visiting with the teenagers after Mass.
Despite this reality, last Saturday for my second once a month Spanish Mass, 108 people attended.  This is just amazing.  Thus, this Friday their property mission team will go with me to look over three possible buildings.  The Lord is building His Church.  Now we just need a place to house them in.

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